July 20, 2016

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I love being a woman. Seriously we rock! We can be so soft and calm yet strong and fierce when needed. We can cry our eyes out at night and wake up the next morning and take over the world if we want to. We are able to take care of a home while handling a full time job or school without missing a beat. I think that is pretty awesome.  Today on my Instagram I posted a picture which stated “Write below what you love about yourself”. I was so proud, happy and inspired to read comments from so many beautiful ladies stating what they love about themselves. Here are just a few of the comments; “My strength, my ability to still believe there is good, my heart and my love”,”My passion and the way I never give up on people I believe in”, “My drive and strength that I’m blessed with everyday”, “I love my bluntness goofiness and my compassion for others”.

Ladies always remember you are strong, you are beautiful and you are love!


Jumpsuit: Designer Yina Elejalde check her out on her instagram @librafabshionboutique

Sunglasses (old): Similar Here

Choker: Forever21

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