February Onyx Box Review

February 19, 2015


Hello Ladies! So I was very excited to receive the February Onyx Box. If you get super excited about beauty products like me you already know I felt like a kid in candy store. For those that are not familiar with the Onyx Box, it is a monthly subscription beauty box. For only $25 per month, you will receive 5 deluxe-size or full size high end hair, skin, makeup and lifestyle products. This is perfect if you are a product junkie like myself because it gives you the opportunity to try out different products without having to pay full price. I was able to try out 4 of the products that came in my February Onyx Box.


Ok so lets begin, first is my personal favorite the Crème of Nature with Argan Oil Butter-Licious Curls this product is said to protect hair from breakage and dryness. I loved this product it smells amazing and it left my hair feeling moisturized and soft. Although, this product is very creamy and thick it did not weigh down my curls which is always a plus. This product can be used as a styler for wash & goes, twist outs, braid outs and Bantu knots. This product is sulfate free and is regularly priced at $8.00.


Next is the The Acure Organics |Moroccan Argan Oil Triple Action Repairing Shampoo pricing at $5.00 it is said to provide lasting moisture to dry and damaged hair with Organic Argan Oil and Argan Stem Cells. Ok so if you are into shampoos that sud but will not strip your hair, this may be the shampoo for you. This shampoo left my hair feeling clean but not stripped. Another plus for me is this shampoo does not have a heavy scent. I know some of us do not appreciate certain scents when it comes to what we put in our hair.

Let’s move on to the Acure Organics |Moroccan Argan Triple Action Repairing Conditioner pricing at $5.00 it is said that its organic ingredients are packed with Omega-3 and fatty acids for added shine and moisture on all hair types. This conditioner got the job done for me in the shower. It provided my hair with enough slip to allow me to detangle my hair with some ease. I can not say I noticed a big difference when it came down to the shine and moisture of my hair. However, I usually rely on my styling products to provide the shine and moisture, not my conditioner.


The last product I had the chance to try out was the Carmella Marie My Gel pricing at $5.00 this flaxseed-based gel is said to be full of vitamins that revive dull hair, whether you are relaxed or natural. When I am on the hunt for a new gel I always look for a gel that will give my hair enough hold to keep my curls for several days. This gel has a very light hold and did not give my curls the hold that they need. However, the bottle does say it is a light hold so if you are looking for a gel with a light hold this is definitely a product you should try. Although, this gel did not give my hair the hold it likes, it did leave my hair feeling soft and healthy. Also moving forward I think this gel will be good for times I want to wear a pony tail or an updo.


This is one of the products I have not had the chance to try however, I am looking forward to pampering myself with the Honeycat Cosmetics – Coquito Bubble Stuff/Shower Gel. Pricng at $3.00 this shower gel is said to be combined with coconut, milk, honey, and a hint of rum! The intoxicating mixture in Honeycat Cosmetics’ Coquito Bubble Stuff/Shower Gel will leave your skin feeling amazingly soft.


Another product I have not had the chance to try out is the So Posh Beauty – Herbal Hair Tea-L-C. Pricing at 3.95 the So Posh Beauty Tea is said to alleviate scalp itchiness and the stress of detangling. I never heard of a tea for hair and when I first saw the package I stared at it for a few seconds attempting to figure what I could possibly do with tea for my hair. For those of you that are curious the instructions say to steep the tea for 30 minutes and once it has cooled down slowly poor it over your hair/head. You have to massage the infusion into your scalp and then gently rinse it out or for extra benefits you can leave it in. I think this is a pretty cool concept.


Ok Ladies this is all for now! If you wish to check out any of these products you can find all of these products on Instagram:



Honey Cat​​​IG: @HoneyCatCosmetics
Acure Organics​​IG: @AcureOrganics
Carmella Marie​​IG: @CarmellaMarie30
So Posh Beauty​​IG: @SoPoshBeautyElite
Crème of Nature​​IG: @CremeofNature

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